Fashion Tricks for You with Dark Skin

Dark-skinned men sometimes have problems in fashion. Because men born with dark skin are rather difficult in choosing clothes. If you just choose the color, dark-skinned men can look darker or dirty, and even can look weird if you combine the color of clothing. However, in terms of romance, dark-skinned men have more advantages than women. Because of the exotic skin color that has more value in the eyes of women. However, you should not be destroyed because you choose the wrong clothes to support your appearance.

If you include men with dark skin, do not give up. You can follow the fashion guidelines for men with dark skin.

1. Avoid sunglasses

If you have and love to wear sunglasses. The good, just save it or donate it to your relatives or friends. Because, if you force yourself to wear it, you will look less attractive.

The reason is simple, the colors in sunglasses look together with the color of your skin. It’s better to wear light-colored or reflective glasses because they can accentuate your face so that they can complement the skin color side.

2. Can Wear Hats

Dark-skinned men can also style with hats. Only, the key you have to wear a hat that has brightness. Don’t use dark brown or black hat colors. Red can be the best choice in completing your masculine appearance.

3. Watches

Men should have to wear a watch. Because it’s part of the accessories that need to be worn to make it look masculine. However, for those of you who have dark skin, choose silver, bright gold or platinum watches. Avoid metal watches.

4. Avoid white shirts

Although it is recommended for bright colors, it does not mean that the inside is white. Because for men with dark skin, the color white will look too counter. Avoid the selection of a white shirt or shirt.

5. Wear a Black T-shirt

Although sunglasses are prohibited from dark colors. But don’t avoid black t-shirts. Bright colors stand out too much while brown will look the same as your skin. Even if you use a sneaker, use a black t-shirt to look more charming.

6. Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are like the color of a shirt or t-shirt. You must be careful in choosing this color. Make sure the pants you use are not lighter than your skin color. So it does not look in contrast. Use pastel-shaped pants with bright colors.

7. Colors That Can Be Used

Orange, red or yellow, can be an alternative color that you can use in style. Because the colors are good for dark-skinned men. The darker your skin, the brighter the shirt or shirt you wear will look better. However, there are things you should avoid. That is, in addition to the dark brown, black, turquoise, magenta, dark blue and green colors you should also avoid. Because both of these colors can submerge your skin.