How to Create a Balanced Outfit

In fashion industry the term balanced means that you are able to pull together two different styled pieces in a correct proportion to create an even looking outfit.

The importance of a balanced outfit is often overlooked but you cannot underestimate it, because getting the balance right means you are not only achieving good looks but also adding more visual interest to your outfit.

This article will help you to understand the basics of balancing so that you are able to create a balanced outfit.


Dress according to your body type

Dressing according to your body type is of utmost importance because no matter what the latest trend is if it does not compliment your personality it is not for you. What most men fail to apprehend in the race of following the fashion trends is that if a particular outfit is according to their body shape or not?

There are five types of body shapes; triangular, rectangular, oval, trapezoid and inverted triangle. To look good and attract positive visual attention it is imperative to know about your body type and dress accordingly so that you don’t look sloppy or outdated.

Like collared T-shirts wont look good on an inverted triangular shaped body as compared to slim fit suits which will not only define your body shape but also give you a stylish look.

Take care of the proportions

Don’t confuse a balanced outfit with a well fitted one. An outfit may fit you properly but if you don’t take care of the proportions you won’t succeed in looking stylish or trendy.

You have to develop a correct proportion to create an ensemble that compliments you and is up to the mark. Like if you are matching colors or different textures take care of the proportions. Look for the colors that complement your skin tone not the ones that you like.

To know more about getting the proportions right read below;

Know about the color wheel

Nice clothing but in wrong color combination will make you look outdated. So before you make the color decisions for your outfit make sure that they look good on you.

There are two type of colors, complementary and analogous. Complementary colors are those that complement each other on a color wheel but don’t get confused by the name complementary because does not necessarily mean that they will compliment your personality too.

Analogous colors are those that lie next to each other on a color wheel and are more likely to suit you because they are similar in shades.

How to balance patterns

The key to balancing patterns is to look at the size of them like if there are two similar sized patterns they will mask each other as both patterns will try to compete with one another and will end up creating a look that is not pleasing to the eye. Let one pattern speak for itself and the other one compliment it. For example you can pair a plain tie with a bold checked shirt.