Choosing the Right Zipper; Tips By Zipper Shipper

Choosing a zipper may sometimes be a bit hard. But with the tips given here by zipper shipper, it is possible to easily choose the most appropriate zipper for any time. Mainly the zippers are made of metal and other materials. We are going to review various types of zippers to make it easier for you to make a decision.

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Types of zippers

  • Nylon coil zippers; these are strong, durable and more flexible and easy to sew. It’s very useful in two-way zipper applications.
  • Invisible zippers; this is especially useful when one wants a clean finish on a dress or any other item. As the name suggests, the zip is not visible.
  • Plastic molded zippers; their main advantage is that it is easier to dye and change color accordingly. They are also durable but in case a teeth breaks or is destroyed, a complete replacement is the only option
  • Metal zippers; they are made of aluminum, brass or nickel. Such zippers are durable but not flexible.

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