World War II Comfort Women – Bringing about Global Rifts?

On December 8, 2017, the anniversary of Japan’s initial invasion of Manila, along the iconic Manila Bay, a 7 foot World War II “Comfort Woman” bronze statue was unveiled. National Historical Commission of the Philippines chairman Rene Escalante and Acting Executive Director Ludovico Badoy attended the unveiling ceremonies. Once unveiled, the statue almost immediately stirred up controversy. The Japanese Embassy in Manila contacted the Manila City administrator to ask about the statute and express strong reservations.

According to Jojo Alcovendaz, Manila City administrator Jojo, the Japanese officials were concerned that the issue of comfort women and comfort women testimonies , which they thought they had settled years ago, was still a serious issue for their country, for China and for Korea. They wondered why with the strong ties between the two countries a statue of their past would be erected in Manila, at this time. He also said that the Japanese Embassy informed him that when the statue of a comfort woman was erected on private land in San Francisco in the US, that action led to the ties between San Francisco and its sister city, Osaka, to be severed. Alcovendaz noted that the story about the comfort woman statue was carried by newspapers in Japan and China highlighting the strength of the feelings around this symbol.

So who exactly are these comfort women and why are the statutes put up in their honor causing rifts across continents and damaging relationships like the San Francisco Osaka sisterhood relationship that was 60 years strong? What is so compelling about their story that Philippine Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano would warn that the Philippines “long-term” relationship with Japan is at stake over the erection of the statute?

For that, we have to go back to World War II when Japan invaded the Philippines and enslaved about 1,000 young women and girls to be sex slaves to the invading army. While that number appears small in Manila, many researchers have estimated that around 200,000 women, mostly in Korea but some from China, Indonesia, Taiwan and of course the Philippines, served Japanese soldiers in “comfort shelters”. The 200,000 number has not been accepted by all and has been challenged by a professor at the Seoul National University who put the estimate at only about 5,000. Whatever the number, this issue touched a lot of countries and a lot of women and is still a very raw subject on both the victims and the perpetrators’ side.

After the war, in 1956, Japan entered into the Reparations Agreement with the Republic of the Philippines to provide the Philippines with $550 million in reparations and this according to the Philippines authorities, “officially settled” the matter. Cayetano stated that “The official stand not of the DFA but of the Philippines for several years is that it has been officially part of the reparations and it has been officially settled,” However, the World War II comfort women have criticized that stance and are demanding a public apology and compensation … Read More


Choosing the Right Zipper; Tips By Zipper Shipper

Choosing a zipper may sometimes be a bit hard. But with the tips given here by zipper shipper, it is possible to easily choose the most appropriate zipper for any time. Mainly the zippers are made of metal and other materials. We are going to review various types of zippers to make it easier for you to make a decision.

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Types of zippers

  • Nylon coil zippers; these are strong, durable and more flexible and easy to sew. It’s very useful in two-way zipper applications.
  • Invisible zippers; this is especially useful when one wants a clean finish on a dress or any other item. As the name suggests, the zip is not visible.
  • Plastic molded zippers; their main advantage is that it is easier to dye and change color accordingly. They are also durable but in case a teeth breaks or is destroyed, a complete replacement is the only option
  • Metal zippers; they are made of aluminum, brass or nickel. Such zippers are durable but not flexible.

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